Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Quilter's Welcome

Ten years I waited to join a quilting guild. The problem: I worked full time and the group met on a weekday. Suddenly I was retired.  After some inquiries I learned that guilds have a membership limit. Would there be a place for me? Were there requirements for membership like ability or experience?

I left a message for the guild president and waited for a call.  I had no idea what to expect and was a little apprehensive about joining a group activity. I can be a bit of a loner.

Within a day Llynda called me. Llynda represented the guild's Welcome Wagon. That sounded like good news!!!

My instructions: Bring two sandwiches and four squares to share at lunchtime, project fabric: two prints 5x7 and 2 plains of the same size, matching thread, a sewing kit, fusible interfacing (oh no, I don't have that. No worries, they like to share).

The big day arrived. I was warmly welcomed, helped out with setting up tables and chairs, and was invited to join a couple of longtime members one of whom promptly offered me a prepared project kit with interfacing!

A sister guild from a nearby region was visiting for the day so I got to meet twice as many regional quilters and enjoy their "show and tell".

What surprised me:

Most of the quilts the quilters shared were hand quilted. Some of them entirely hand sewn! No shortcuts for these ladies!

What I learned:

I am not alone, so many share my passion for quilting!
I am not an expert. I have lots to learn
I am not a good hand sewer. I'll have fun practising.
I love meeting new quilters
With the help of these new friends I will improve.

How about you? Have you joined a group lately? I'd love to hear about your experience.