Monday, 30 September 2013

UFO # 3

I finally finished another UFO! I planned to finish it during the summer and technically summer ended September 22nd. I finished it yesterday. Close enough, I'm taking it!

I started this quilt many years ago because I wanted to make a flannel quilt. Flannel is expensive so I bought the best I could afford but in the end I wasn't crazy about the colours which probably explains why I almost finished it and then quit. Another issue was the lack of space to assemble quilt sandwiches! Who has a space big enough to lay out a full size quilt?

Well I solved the space problem. Now the hubster and I go to the local seniors club where they have terrific big tables! We can spread out a multitude of quilts and baste away! Heaven!

We took the opportunity to baste a second quilt for the grandson so it was a two-fer weekend. Two quilts quilted and bound in one weekend. Yay!

And now for some photos:

Maybel helping with the quilting!

Adding the binding

Final result. Nice and cozy.

Cars quilt for our grandson

Quilted with Cars!

And actual little cars!
So that was my weekend. Quilting and binding. Two quilts out of the closet and on the bed! It feels great! Yay me!