Sunday, 9 February 2014

Our Visitor - Is he stray or gone astray?

This is Stallone:

I call him that because he looks like Sylvester. No idea what his real name is or if he even has one but I suspect he does. He appeared at our door in January on a -30C day and when I opened the door he walked right in, helped himself to cat food, had a nap and then asked to leave. So I let him go. It was cold all weekend. Stallone came and went several times. I decided if he was still around on Monday I'd take him to be checked for a chip but on Monday he didn't show. We didn't see him for a week or two and after that he turned up occasionally but wasn't very hungry and didn't look skinny or injured.
In fact he looked very comfortable.

My my cat Stella has adjusted to his presence.

But Maybel is worried he'll steal her toys:

All of this has led me to believe he lives nearby. His family likely goes off to work and school each day and he goes on his route including a stop at our house for a bite and a nap. I don't mind at all. Oddly, several other cats have been lurking around lately. Stallone must have spread the word about the buffet and pretty female cats at our house!