Thursday, 4 July 2013

Vermont Quilt Show

The Vermont Quilt Show, held last weekend in Essex Junction, Vermont was awesome! Inspiring prize winning quilts and incredible antiques, a display of Dear Jane quilts and several challenge quilts. Challenge packets for next years show were on sale along with vendors selling everything from quilting machines to thimbles. There were demonstrations and courses and yummy fabric was everywhere.  I indulged my weakness for stash building thinly disguised as "I need fabric for a quilt for my massage therapist!"

I took some great photos but the pamphlet asks that they be published only with credit. Since I don't have details for all my photos, I'd just like to share this prize winner, my favourite, called Finally a Quilt for our Bed pieced and quilted by Kristin Brewer of Waterbury Center, VT:

Here is the official website for the 2013 exhibit and details for future shows:

They're also on Facebook:

And Twitter: @VTQuiltFestival

I know I'll be going back next year and who knows, maybe I'll exhibit!