Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Who taught you that?

Just throwing that out there. Who taught you to quilt, to sew, to bake, to paint or to knit? Are you self taught or did you take a course?

As we develop we learn our alphabet, how to tie our shoes, brush our teeth and colour in the lines. But how did we learn all those things we really get pleasure from?

I remember my Aunt Helen teaching me how to bake and ice a cake and Mom taught me practical things like how to paint a room or hang a curtain rod.

My quilt journey was probably inspired by my best friend Janet's Mom. I remember her basting quilts on the ping pong table in their basement over 50 years ago. I didn't really understand what she was doing but I was fascinated with the colours and filled with curiosity. We had a sewing machine in our home, I guess everyone did, but my Mom didn't sew. Nor did my grandmother although she darned socks, embroidered and knitted socks and mittens for everyone. I started trying to sew when I was about 8 making clothes for my dolls. By age 12 I was selling these doll clothes to Mom's friends and co-workers. When I hit high school there were Home Economics courses where I found out that I didn't know everything! They actually taught you to sew and to cook in those days with a full program lasting up to 4 years. During this time I developed quite nicely in my sewing skills.

Over the years I searched for a rewarding hobby. I tried knitting, crochet, macramé, stained glass and woodworking. All with minimal success. I yearned for an outlet for my creative side using a skill that I had.  I don't really remember the Aha moment but I think it was when I bought my first quilting magazine. I was hooked. Who taught me? I guess I mostly taught myself but I have to give credit Janet's Mom and to my own Mom for providing the inspiration!

Please tell me about your learning path. I'd love to hear your story. Who was your inspiration