Saturday, 3 August 2013

UFO #2 Part deux - Just Finish It!

UFO #2 is completed, labeled and delivered to it's new home. It is now known as "Belinda's Buds" after a very special cat that once belonged to a very special family. This quilt took a long time to complete mainly due to lack of time (okay, procrastination!) but it was also due to some doubts and insecurities. Why do we let these feelings slow us down? The final result was surprisingly satisfying.

Moral of the story? Just finish it!

So, as promised, a photo of the finished quilt:

And a couple of detail shots:

So, on to UFO #3 of 13......well I do have a couple of other priorities this week, and next week is busy......  Fall is closing in, can I finish them all this summer? How many UFO's do you have? Do you have a completion plan? I would love to hear your UFO stories.