Thursday, 8 August 2013

You Show Me Yours I'll Show You Mine

I read with interest The Sassy Quilter's blog about her fabric stash. It's linked to this blog
by Sarah@SarahQuilts

So I thought I would share my stash and sewing room too!
When I retired earlier this year I bought two white cabinets on sale at Canadian Tire and, as you can see this one is just about bursting. I actually have a pile of fat quarters in the washing machine at this moment. I hope I can squeeze them in!
The top shelf is mostly cat novelty prints for my Etsy shop cat quilts
The bottom shelf is miscellaneous novelty prints for kids ISpy quilts.
And the rest is mostly fat quarters and quilt backings.
Oh, and that multi-coloured drawer unit? It holds precuts and charm squares and has scissors, pens and rulers on top.

Then we have cabinet #2, filled with projects in progress and UFO's:

That's it for the stash. Here are a couple of photos of the rest of my sewing room which used to be a bedroom:

Sewing and ironing area conveniently placed.
Cutting and sewing stations with a cat napping spot right in the middle! Lots of lighting as you can see. Working for years in a fluorescent lit office has me hooked on bright lighting.
And finally a temporary design wall with latest project. I'm still trying to come up with an idea for a permanent design wall. No walls left in this room.....hmmm, maybe the other spare room?

Anyway, that's my space. Go ahead and show yours to Sarah and The Sassy Quilter. We'd all love to see where you work!