Monday, 13 January 2014

Sunday Summary - Oh wait it's Monday - Jan 13, 2014

Back to normal after the holidays. And yes, I know, it's Monday. Kinda missed my deadline there.
The weather went from frigid to dripping. What a switch!

I got busy with Etsy orders. One for 5 coordinating cat quilts. They're done and ready to ship. And another for a charm quilt with a black cat silhouette which I haven't finished yet.

Five Cozy Cat Quilts!

For Brownie, Bob, Lucas, Mouse and Spartacus!

I also continued working on string quilt squares. I've completed sixty-five 6 inch squares, My scrap boxes were overflowing and it was time to put them to work. Not sure what Ill do with that one. Im sure something will come up!

I got lovely reviews and comments from one of my best customers on my Etsy store. If you've ordered from me I'd love to get your feedback too.

One of my fabric orders arrived today. That's always a treat. Love getting packages in the mail. This is what I received from Looks like I'm branching out into dog quilts or football lover quilts. We'll see that next week maybe.

And this guy (the one without the collar) has been hanging around since Christmas. It was so cold we let him in for awhile. Now he comes and goes. He seems to like the food and the company. Oh, and the beds!

Well I'm off to make biscuits to go with split pea soup for supper.

Have a great week!